Friday, December 25, 2009

A Great Christmas

Sam has a new adapted trike that he loves and could not get enough of this morning...AND momma Santa has given Sam and his Dad a set of foam swords for working out those frustrations. He also likes that, but most fun has been revisiting a Thomas the Train set which a neighbor gave us a few years back. In fact, here it is almost 1 PM and he hasn't opened three of his gifts because he has been having so much fun. Ah Christmas, before greed takes hold.

This year, Sam has made great advances in his understanding of Christmas. He went to a Christmas show about the Troll King trying to steal Christmas by kidnapping Santa. He held Grandma's hand when the scary Troll King was on stage and loved the singing. He loves the Christmas tree and has been pointing out all the neighborhood lights to us. We have watched Emmet Otter's Christmas approximately 500 times. He has been very excited for the past 2 nights and had difficulty staying asleep. We still have to work on the concept of giving. Maybe next year. Merry Christmas

Thursday, December 17, 2009

What to do for Tears?

Today, Sam tried to tell me something, I don't know what. He gestured, he spoke, he became progressively louder and more intense. Then tears started running down his face because I simply did not know and could not respond in the way he desired. What is one to do? Talking and hand use, (manipulating tools) are the two things that really make us human. I truly don't give a £$%£GIB###@# if he ever walks, but if he never uses his hands and mouth well, he is stuck. How can he hope to enjoy being alive? Staying in gratitude with his health or our relative wealth (we have work, we can just about pay our mortgage) is damned difficult sometimes. I feel dried up and wrung out, with most of my joy leached out at these moments. I never used to be this bitter.