Tuesday, May 26, 2009

More caffeine please..

Yes, for the third time this week, we have been up with Sam since 2:30 am. Lack of sleep on our part does not seem to slow the press of time or negate any upcoming meetings we have (prepping for Sam's IEP, interviewing kindergarten teachers and school admins, trying to get new jobs for the office, prepping for workshops I am teaching).
Abuse is on my mind:
  1. Abuse I would like to heap on the administration for trying to prevent Sam from attending a charter school because it is inconvenient for them.
  2. Accidental abuse Sam received from a careless "caregiver" who sprayed his entire genital area with essential oil-based bug spray because she did not or would not read the label. Sam is non-verbal. How can he tell us what he is experiencing at someone else's hands?
  3. Abuse of the mainstreaming that happens with special ed kids in our school district, preventing our son from being where he needs to be. On the whole I am glad that they mainstream, HOWEVER, regular boys often need to start kindergarten late or repeat it, but seemingly that option is not open to Sam except at a charter school.
  4. Abuse of caffeine, which Super J and I must engage in to function at all this week. I think my tongue is having spasms after that last jolt.
Well, Ukiah is beautiful and the compost in my garden is growing many volunteer squash. Life goes on and, to quote my friend Scarlet, "If you think your life sucks, get some goats and keep them for three days. Then give them back. You will think your life is really great then."