Sunday, March 14, 2010

Saturn, Mars and Pluto mix it up with my Sun and Ascendant

So, for those who have forgotten their astro -jargon, the Ascendant represents our persona, the face we show the world, how we step into things. The Sun is our Self. Mars, in days gone by, was called the lesser malefic. With reason. Saturn, the greater malefic. Pluto, by extrapolation is right up there in the Malefic scene, if you ask me. Here goes Mars, continuing to give me heck, making a trine (ease of action) to my Ascendant; Saturn retrograde (frustration, in Libra, retarding beauty and fairness) sextile my Ascendant and Sun; Pluto inconjuct my Sun, sextile my natal Mars. Mars can rule vision, the head and face. I have spent two weeks with the world's bitch of a facial rash and itching eyes from what--natural face cream (Libra thwarted, Venus in Pisces along with Uranus and Jupiter.) Maybe it is better not to know. If I did not know astrology, would I not feel obligated to embody it? Would it happen anyway? Impatience and crabbiness rules while I am under siege from the bloody malefics. Let this be a lesson to you astrology students: Trines CAN be worse than squares. They are quick, see. Where squares prod, trines just slip you right into your experience.

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