Sunday, April 11, 2010

From Dusk til Dawn

As part of a fundraiser for Sam's Conductive Education camp, Boost Camp, we won a trip to a local casino "resort." Actually, all they have on site are a restaurant, hotel and casino. In case you did not know, Indian casinos allow smoking. When one enters this place, one is instantly infused with cigarette smoke. The lights and sounds and people out of their bodies create this terrifying miasma of hell.

Originally we were going to bring Sam. Thank goddess we did not. We looked around (as tourists on a different planet). Checked in to a non-smoking room three floors above and to the left of the casino. Within twenty minutes in the room, we felt the constant inundation of smoke and out of body negativity and checked out.

Now I wonder, how much like this is Las Vegas? I know many people go on family vacations there. Is it like this strange vampiric experience? We had the feeling that if we stayed, we would have lost our souls or at least been possessed. whew.

1 comment:

  1. Most N.A. casinos are like a little tiny piece of Las Vegas. Whatever they have, Las Vegas has it to the power of ten.

    Most Casinos I have been in in California and in Nevada allow smoking. It makes a non-smoker realize and be thankful that most places of work here are smoke free.

    I gamble until I can't stand the smoke anymore or I lose my alotment of monies. Usually doesn't take very long.